22 Cute Curare Companions to Brighten Your Day

Open up and say ‘aww’! You’ve been working hard. Take a break from the action and meet 22 of our cuddly co-workers.

Henry believes in work hard, play hard!

(Curarian: Sami Ezzo, Director of Operations)

Pepperoni delivery by Bernie!

(Curarian: Sami Ezzo, Director of Operations)

Ya-Ya and Baobei are home-office ready!

(Curarian: Emily Yang, Senior Placement Specialist)

Otis is the star of the video conference.

(Curarian: Dave Bik, Senior Placement Specialist)

Valerie and Goldie say, ‘cheese’!

(Curarian: Valerie Hesse, Senior Placement Specialist)

Lil’ Dude asks, “What’s for lunch?!”

(Curarian: Sami Ezzo, Director of Operations)

Jazzy and Lucky are ready to start the day!

(Curarian: David Leverenz, Senior Placement Specialist)

Saritza, Sergio, Stevie, and Charlie enjoy nature!

(Curarian: Saritza Varela, Senior Placement Specialist)

Steele enjoys some outside time.

(Curarian: Jerry Ramusack, CEO)

Miles and Biscuit say, ‘We’ll supervise.’

(Curarian: Jerry Ramusack, CEO)

Jerry, Willie, and Lulu take a break!

(Curarian: Jerry Boswell-Dike, Senior Placement Specialist)

Cookie and Marcus are happy Ian is home!

(Curarian: Ian Sons, Director of Physician Recruitment)

Dustin and Jo Jo are best buds.

(Curarian: Dustin Beeler, Senior Placement Specialist)

Chloe smiles for the camera!

(Curarian: Douglas Kangur, Senior Placement Specialist)

Dave and Reggie ask, “Is it Friday, yet?”

(Curarian: Dave Witte, Chairman of the Board)

Paxton helps David with his emails!

(Curarian: David Criswell, Senior Placement Specialist)

Mae and Augustus are slacking off on the job.

(Curarian: Brittany Collins, Advertising Coordinator)

Han and Hildi hope you have a great weekend!

(Curarian: Bob Salzarulo, Director of Talent Acquisition)