Curare Cares: Enriching Education

#CurareCares about enriching education. The Curare Cares program supports those in need by partnering with organizations in Bloomington, Indiana. Our employees have access to eight hours of Volunteer Time Off each quarter as a way to give back throughout the year. Enriching the community we call home is important to us, and our goal is to lend a hand to others, while helping to shape the future of this wonderful town. Read on to learn how one Curare Cares volunteer partnered with a local public school to add to their music program.


The drum kit, loaded up and ready for delivery!


We are BIG music fans here at Curare Physician Recruiting, and we appreciate quality education opportunities for the students in our community. To support this important art, Ian Sons, Director of Physician Recruitment, used his Volunteer Time Off to donate his drum kit to a local Bloomington, Indiana elementary school. Ian loaded up his car with toms, cymbals, base drum, snares, everything that the students would need to rock out, and learn the new instrument. Ian’s significant other, Bridget, is a music teacher, so he drove to the school and set up the drum kit in her classroom.

Almost ready to rock…


There was even a demonstration from an expert drummer who showed the students the names of all the different pieces of the drum set and how to play them. Most importantly, every student who wanted to learn got a turn to play on the drums! The drum kit will be used frequently, and the school has plans in place to offer a “Rock Band” class that did not exist before. We think that ROCKS!


All set up for students to learn and play!


Thank you for your contribution to our community, Ian, and congratulations to the students on their new opportunity. Rock out!

If you are a Bloomington, Indiana reader, click to learn how you can get involved in the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is:  What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King, Jr.