How to Become an Employer’s First Choice

As a job applicant, you want to show potential employers why you’re the best physician for their opportunity.  With a few tried and true strategies we have tested over the last 25 years, you can open the contract flood gates and have multiple offers come your way in no time.  All it takes is a few simple steps to show employers why you should be their first choice.

Step One – Make The Connection

Call us! Curare has nearly 30 Placement Specialists standing by ready to start your search. With a quick conversation, we can find the best options to match your needs. There are tens of thousands of jobs on the market for every specialty. Don’t go in fighting blind – let us sift through the static so you can focus on practicing medicine.

To get the most out of your job search, be as specific as possible about what it is you want in a practice opportunity. The initial conversation between you and your Placement Specialist will include pointed questions about your goals, motivations, desires, and background. We will fully customize your search to reflect the closest fit for your lifestyle, location, and compensation desires. Tell us what is important to you.

Step Two – Know Your Availability

We live in a busy world. Whether you are finishing up your residency, or working 80 hour weeks, your time is in demand. Be sure to let your Placement Specialist know your preferred method of contact. You can expedite the process by knowing your availability ahead of time: set aside time for phone calls, have interview dates prepared, and show genuine excitement to speak with the employer.

Communication is key! Getting updates from you is the surest way for us to stay one step ahead of appointments, interviews, and contract negotiations. The hiring process can move very fast as a result. Being responsive and proactive will set you above other potential hires.

Step Three – Write a Stand-Out CV

Open the door to potential employers by putting your best CV forward. Having a clear, concise, and professional resume will highlight your strengths and help you stand out. Make sure the information is in order with your credentials, licensure, and full work history. Provide brief explanations of any gaps in your work history to show the employer that you are a reliable candidate.

Your job search CV should include just enough information to create interest without overwhelming a potential employer. Present basic information only, as well as two clear forms of contact. For more insider secrets on getting your CV noticed, e-mail to receive our popular resource, “How to Write an Irresistible CV”.

Step Four – Put Your Cards On The Table

Let’s face it – we all have baggage. Healthcare is an especially liable profession. There are two types of physicians: those that have been sued, and those that will be sued at some point. Professional “baggage” does not exclude you from being the best around! You still have the credentials and skills that you need to market yourself as a top choice.

A great woman once said, “Honest people don’t hide their deeds.” Being up front with malpractice suits and license suspension can go a long way in building trust with an employer. We are experts in advocating for you and making sure you get fair consideration. Address potential issues as early as possible so that that we can find the employers that see your value.

Step Five – Express Genuine Interest 

You’ve learned how to make the right connections and put your best foot forward. It’s time for the final (and most crucial) step to landing that job offer: Ask For The Job. The employer wants to see excitement and genuine interest in their practice opportunity. Respond quickly and kindly. Don’t be ambiguous – if you like what you see, make sure they know it!

Express gratitude and thank your contacts for their time. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by communicating appreciation for the hard work that employers put into the recruiting process. Maximizing personal connections is your best shot at securing a great employment offer. From your first call to Curare, to the moment you sign the contract, this is your chance to shine.

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