Opening Week: Hit a Home Run with your Job Search

Have you been a passive seeker, drifting between job boards in hopes of stumbling upon your dream position? You are in luck! As the weather warms and thousands of residents are preparing to graduate from their programs, this is the week when some of the HOTTEST jobs hit the market. Each tax season our consultants receive an influx of calls from practices all around the country who are re-opening great positions that otherwise would not be available.

Call to Action: Reasons to Jump into the Market Today

Why is the market opening up so suddenly? It’s really all about timing. A lot of graduates who accepted jobs prior to graduation, maybe even a year in advance, are now backing out of their commitments. Maybe they found a job in a location which better suits their lifestyle and family needs. As a result, there are many groups and hospitals looking for physicians to seize the opportunity and start as early as this summer. No geographic area is immune!

This is a great time to activate your search and take advantage of opportunities available between now and the end of the summer. Some of the best jobs that were on the market are now on the market again. In our latest edition of Coffee with Curare, our CEO Jerry Ramusack and Managing Placement Specialist, Ian Sons showcased three of these exciting breakthroughs in highly desirable locations:

Internal Medicine: All Outpatient, No Call, just 30 minutes north of San Diego, California. Amazing work/life balance with a 36-hour work week in a great coastal location.

OB Hospitalist: Rare opportunity in Berkeley, California. This city is consistently rated one of the best places to live in the world. Level III NICU, Block Schedule with 10-15 12/hr shifts per month.

Primary Care: Ready-made practice just north of Dallas. Upper suburban area with an insured patient base from day one. Take over the practice with full autonomy. Easy work week, start as early as June 1st.

Coffee with Curare airs live on our Facebook page every Thursday morning at 9:30am EST. To check out these hot opportunities and hundreds more that are opening up all over the country, give us a call. The perfect time to make a move is now! Activate your search and find your dream job today.

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