The TOP 5 reasons to consider Locum Tenens


Locum tenens offers physicians of all specialities excellent compensation potential, schedule flexbility and lifestyle perks. If you are considering a change and want to learn more about the locum tenens opportunties that will fit your lifestyle, give us a call. We have clients actively seeking physicians for both long and short term assignments. Here are 5 reasons you should consider locum tenens.

Life and Career Changes
Life is full of transitional periods; this is especially true for physicians that endure residency, and, often-times, fellowship training prior to their first permanent opportunity. Locums can fill the gap between these transitional periods and provide income while you make a geographic move, wait for licensing in a new state to be completed, etc. Sudden changes in your personal life may require you to make a quick professional change; locum tenens can provide stability while you seek a permanent opportunity that will complement your new personal situation. Locum tenens can also be a great way to stay active during your retirement years.

Extra Income
Locum tenens is a great way to supplement the income of your current opportunity. You can pull weekend assignments nearby, or anywhere an airplane can take you by Saturday morning. A need for your service can almost always be found, some place in the United States on any day of the week. Perhaps you have a new toy that you can’t justify purchasing with your current allotted income, locums will provide the income that you keep out of the family budget and get the new toy you desire, or, pay off those pesky student loans in a more timely manner.

Locums offers flexibility in both time and space. Locums as a career choice allow you to constantly choose when and where you want to work. Other than the standard vacation package, permanent jobs rarely offer the flexibility of the time needed for traveling or other worthwhile, non-work related pursuits.

Take a Job for Test Drive
We’ve all heard the slogan “Buyer Beware,” and this especially rings true when it comes to consideration of new career option. Locums will allow you the opportunity to get a feel for yourself the variety of geographical and practice settings available in your specialty. This will enable you to decide where your skill set and mentality fits best. In some cases, locums can be utilized as a working interview that you actually get paid for.

Helping the Underserved Populations
Many of you chose a career as a physician for altruistic purposes. Locums provides ample opportunity to take on the most needy of our nation’s population: Inner City clinics, Indiana Reservations and Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals, have a steady stream of available assignments and patients in extreme need. For both Indian Reservation and VA assignments, ANY state license allows you to practice throughout the nation.